VasoScreen 5000 - 4000

This device is designed for arterial and venous vascular diagnosis. Depending on the diagnostic needs it can be provided with channels for Impedance Plethysmography (IPG), Photo-Plethysmography (PPG) and/or Light-Reflection Rheography (LRR/D-PPG).

In combination with the pneumatic module VasoScreen 4000 the system can be used to perform also venous Occlusion Plethysmography (VOP) and/or arterial Occlusion Plethysmography (AOP).

The unit can be used only together with an external computer on which the Windows software Cardio-Vascular-Lab is installed. The selection of the computer depends on the given application and the environment in which the measuring system shall be used.


Impedance-Plethysmography (IPG)
Pulse wave analysis in legs, arms and head to diagnose arteriosclerotic changes, stenoses or occlusions

Photo-Plethysmography (PPG)
Pulse wave analysis in fingers and toes to diagnose peripheral circulatory disturbances with regard to functional (Raynaud) or organic origin

Arterial-Occlusion-Plethysmography (AOP)
Measurement of arterial inflow in the legs after complete arterial occlusion (reactive hyperemia) to diagnose the severity of a peripheral arterial occlusive disease

Venous-Occlusion-Plethysmography (VOP)
Measurement of venous capacity and venous outflow to diagnose deep vein thromboses (DVP) or other outflow disturbances and to evaluate their haemodynamic severity

Light-Reflection-Rheography (LRR)
Measurement of refilling time after muscle pump test and evaluation of venous pump volume to diagnose function of venous valves and effectiveness of the venous muscle pump

Essential Product Features

  • simultaneous measurement on both sides for fast diagnosis and side comparison
  • operator independent procedure which can be easily delegated
  • automated computer-controlled measuring procedure
  • computer assisted evaluation and classification of measuring results including side comparison
  • patient data base and capability for off-line data analysis
  • data export capability (GDT, PDF)
  • combination with other VasoScreen and CardioScreen devices is possible


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