CardioScreen 2000

The device incorporates the latest generation of Impedance Cardiography (ICG). By means of our unique ACM-Technology in combination with the new 4 TECT Sensor-Application the accuracy of the measuring method could be considerably increased and the use could be made even more simple.

The unit can be used only together with an external computer on which the Windows software Cardio-Vascular-Lab is installed. The selection of the computer depends on the given application and the environment in which the measuring system shall be used.

The device has the complete functionality of the CardioScreen 1000 and can be optionally equipped with additional channels for the measurement of NiBP, aortic Pulse Wave Velocity (PWV) and/or ABI.


  • patient monitoring
  • drug titration and goal directed therapy
  • fluid management (Fluid Challenge, PLR-Test)
  • optimisation of hypertension therapy
  • differential diagnosis / dyspnea
  • cardio-vascular diagnosis and screening
  • CRT optimization / pacemaker adjustment

With PWV can be measured additionally:

  • evaluation of the arterial stiffness
  • risk classification of a patient

With ABI can be measured additionally:

  • arterial screening for early detection of arteriosclerosis
  • diagnosis of peripheral arterial occlusive diseases (PAOD)
  • recognition of subclavian artery stenosis
  • therapy control after dilatations, vascular training or drug therapy


ICG     Impedance Cardiography
NiBD     Blood Pressure (oscillometric) - optional
PWV     Pulse Wave Velocity - optional
ABI     Ankle Brachial Index - optional


Essential Product Features

  • continuous (beat-to-beat) measurement of the stroke volume and recording of more than 30 haemodynamic parameters
  • automatic signal quality control and adaptive artefact elimination
  • display of user selectable waveforms and parameters
  • different screens for optimal data presentation in different clinical settings (Monitoring, Diagnostic, Trends, Therapy, Fluid Management)
  • recording of raw data of all leaded signals
  • special software modules are available for fluid management, hypertension management and pacemaker adjustment
  • optional channels for NiBP, PWV (aortic Pulse Wave Velocity) and/or ABI for peripheral vascular diagnosis
  • integrated data base for off-line data analysis and data export (e.g. Excel)
  • interface to patient monitors, such as Philips/HP (VueLink / IntelliVue / IntelliBridge) or Draeger
  • USB ports for data export, software updates and the connection with networks
  • combination with VasoScreen devices is possible


For the calculation of some haemodynamic parameters NiBP and/or Spo2 values are necessary which can be put in manually or can be taken over from vital sign monitors via interfaces.


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