VenoScreen plus

The device is for venous diagnosis and based on the method of Light-Reflection Rheography (LRR) / D-PPG.

It is designed as a stand-alone device and consists of a measuring unit including a thermal printer to print out examination protocols and a mobile colour display with touch screen to operate the measuring device and to display the measuring process as well as the examination results.

The unit is optimized for mobile use, extremely easy to operate and, therefore, very suitable for screening tests on varicose veins in pharmacies.


Measurement of the re-filling time after muscle pump test and the venous pump volume to diagnose function of venous valves and the effectiveness of the venous muscle pump

Essential Product Features

  • simultaneous measurement on both legs for fast diagnosis and side comparison
  • self-calibrating system to adapt the sensors to the skin and to allow also measurements through medical stockings
  • automated computer-controlled measuring procedure with acoustic and visual support during exercise test
  • computer assisted evaluation and classification of measuring results
  • data base of examination results
  • protocols can be printed on thermal printer


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