The device is for venous and arterial vascular diagnosis and based on the method of Photo-Plethysmography (PPG). In case of the examination of veins the method is called Light-Reflection Rheography (LRR) / D-PPG.

The device is USB powered and can be used only together with an external computer on which the Windows software Cardio-Vascular-Lab is installed. The selection of the computer depends on the given application and the environment in which the measuring system shall be used.

The unit is mainly used for venous diagnosis by evaluating the function of venous valves.


  • measurement of the re-filling time after muscle pump test and the venous pump volume to diagnose function of venous valves and the effectiveness of the venous muscle pump / LRR
  • pulse wave analysis in fingers and toes to diagnose peripheral circulatory disturbances with regard to differentiate between functional (Raynaud) or organic origin / PPG


LRR     Light-Reflection-Rheography
PPG     Photo-Plethysmography

Essential Product Features

  • simultaneous measurement on both legs for fast diagnosis and side comparison
  • self-calibrating system to adapt the sensors to the skin and to allow also measurements through medical stockings
  • automated computer-controlled measuring procedure with acoustic and visual support during exercise test
  • computer assisted evaluation and classification of measuring results
  • patient data base and capability for off-line data analysis
  • data export capability


The device can be delivered also with PPG sensors for arterial pulse wave analysis in fingers and toes to diagnose peripheral arterial circulatory disturbances.

If LRR and/or PPG examinations shall be combined with other measuring methods, such as, Impedance Plethysmography (IPG) and/or venous Occlusion Plethysmography (VOP) then the VasoScreen 4000/5000 is the optimal solution.


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