VasoScreen 2000

This device is for arterial vascular diagnosis based on a simultaneous 4-channel blood pressure measurement on upper arms and ankles (oscillometric method) for the estimation of Ankle-Brachial Index (ABI). This new approach is a very good alternative to the often used Doppler-assisted method.

The unit can be used only together with an external computer on which the Windows software Cardio-Vascular-Lab is installed. The selection of the computer depends on the given application and the environment in which the measuring system shall be used.


Estimation of ABI, a side comparison of peripheral pulse wave velocities and an evaluation of pulse curve parameters allow

  • arterial screening for early detection of arteriosclerotic vascular changes
  • diagnosis of peripheral arterial occlusive diseases (PAOD)
  • recognition of subclavian artery stenosis
  • therapy control after dilatations, vascular training or drug therapy

In comparison to Doppler-assisted ABI measurement the advantages are:

  • simultaneous measurement on arms and ankles (4 cuffs) to exclude the influence of blood pressure changes during examination process
  • operator independent procedure which can be easily delegated
  • examination takes less than 3 minutes
  • automated computer-controlled measuring procedure
  • computer assisted evaluation and classification of measuring results including side comparison
  • patient data base and capability for off-line data analysis
  • data export capability (GDT, PDF)
  • additional options: peripheral pulse wave velocity and pulse wave analysis
  • combination with other VasoScreen and CardioScreen devices is possible


The Doppler-assisted ABI measurement is very time-consuming and gives reliable results only if the examination is made by an experienced operator. Additionally, the blood pressure values cannot be taken at the same time on arms and ankles so that potential blood pressure changes during the examination process are not considered what can cause measuring failures. Comparison studies have shown an excellent correlation between oscillometric and Doppler methods.

A side comparison of peripheral pulse wave velocity and pulse wave analysis provide additional information to ABI parameters for a more profound diagnosis.


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