Parameter Selection

HR Heart Rate heart beats per minute
BP Blood Pressure pressure exerted by the blood on arterial walls
SV/SI Stroke Volume / Stroke Index amount of blood pumped by the left ventricle with each heart beat
CO/CI Cardiac Output/Cardiac Index amount of blood pumped by the heart in one minute
VI Velocity Index reflects the peak velocity of blood flow in the aorta during systole
ACI Acceleration Index eflects the maximum acceleration of blood flow in the aorta during systole
HI Heather Index contractility indicator
PEP Pre-Ejektion Period duration of electrical systole equal to isovolumetric contraction phase
STR Systolic Time Ratio ratio of electrical systole to mechanical systole
TFC Thoracic Fluid Content indicator of chest fluid status
TFCI TFC Index TFC, normalised to body size
PT Propagation Time propagation time of the pulse wave
PWVao Pulse Wave Velocity velocity of the aortic pulse wave
SVR Systemic Vascular Resistance the force the ventricle must overcome to eject blood into the aorta, estimate of "afterload"
SVRI SVR Index SVR, normalised to body size
TAC Total Arterial Compliance indicator of the degree of peripheral arterial stiffness / compliance
TACI TAC Index TAC, normalised to body size

ICG is available in following devices: